I was a "gypsy child", that is what I called myself. I was born in Argentina and my

parents traveled around a lot when I was young. When I was 5 we moved to the

US and so for many years we lived, part-time, in a small camper. During this time

I took to drawing and coloring. My father was wise to make sure there were always

plenty of paper, crayons and swimming pools (for me and my sister), or there would

be hell to pay.

I majored in architecture in college and then switched to commercial design. I took

my first illustration class at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute, which opened my eyes

to a whole new way of drawing and interpreting. But, I chose to continue my career

in Graphic Design and Art Directing, which I also enjoy. 


After quite a few years of eye strain on the computer, I finally decided to give in to

my urge for illustration freedom. I left the city and began writing and illustrating.

Now my life (and room) is filled with papers, paints, pencils and all kinds of inspiring

materials (and views). The publishing world is tough, but I enjoy the challenge. I’ll

let you know if I get published.













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Welcome to my bio page, Just some brief information about me, Mabel Aguero and what inspires me to illustrate. Also check out some photos of my past and present.
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